The Princess Diaries

Here’s the idea and if you think your child is interested in the production please Contact Us as I have a feeling this is going to be a sort after production.

We are awaiting confirmation with B Street Studios for the go ahead of this production. 

“The Princess Diaries”



We will have a list of princesses and songs they sing. These will be chosen at without preference, as I’m sure there are a few popular ones.

The songs will form a story around the princesses individually and as a team. We shall record each princess or prince’s song and then create a visual story video clip to act and mime the song in.

Weekly Playful Preparation:(you don’t have to scream NO!!!!) These are simple activities to get you practicing the main goal and focus for each production, making your performance and confidence build and build. These activities that actors are thinking and practicing when they are learning to play a character.

Listen and practice your song off by heart and begin to write down lyrics and begin to understand the problem your princess is facing- this will help in recording classes and creating empathy with your princess’ problem.

Availability & Commitment:

When enrolling in our classes we not only make a commitment to the team but also to ourselves that we are prepared for class and that it is our priority every Monday afternoon – over anything else (apart from illness)

Dates: Every Saturday (Dates TBC) 

Time: 10am – 12pm

Ages: 5 (in primary school only – 12 years)

Cost: $250 per participant 
Extra Information: One Saturday ‘re-shooting’ class date is always scheduled if we need it – this we be confirmed and all other information in a downloadable kit when your enrollment and payment is made

Other: We must have a minimum of 6 students for the class to go ahead. (Max class is 12 students)

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