Audition will be held on: 27th January


“Into the Woods”

Thursday Acting

An absolute FIRST in the history of Reel Performers; An audition only production! Reel Performers will make an almost feature length film at the most professional level in our history. Singing, dancing and acting will combine to bring to life the famous musical “Into the Woods”. We have invested in some fantastic sound equipment for singing and each character shall have the time to perfect their role and stretch their acting ability to an almost professional level.

We shall first work with improvisation of each characters and their relationship. Line work and diction will be key and then it’s on to rehearsing the scenes and finally FILMING!!

Weekly Playful Preparation: (you don’t have to scream NO!!!! These are simple activities to get you practicing the main goal and focus for each production, making your performance and confidence build and build. These activities that actors are thinking and practicing when they are learning to play a character.

Practicing lines will be very important, as well as building your character – there voice, and the way they used their hands. Singing your songs will also take time and you will need to be prepared. If you can watch the original “Into the Woods” over the holidays on the website.

Availability & Commitment:

When enrolling in our classes we not only make a commitment to the team but also to ourselves that we are prepared for class and that help each other throughout filming – over anything else (apart from illness)

Term One:  11th Feb – 31st March
Term Two: 5th May – 23rd June
Extra Class: 25th April
PREMIERE: Thursday 7th July

Time: 3:45 – 5:45pm 

Ages: OPEN

IMPORTANT Information: When auditioning you agree that you shall be free on these dates and are committed to the production – regardless of role chosen for you.
One or two classes with be held in the April Holidays for 5 hours. Currently the above date is booked in.

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