That’s a Wrap for Semester One

Don't mime mWhat a fantastic two terms. This year we decided to take a leap and change the way we focus and make our films and the success was unreal!

With the wrap of “Don’t Mime Me” (5 – 10 year age group) we accomplished a a new style of performance. We incorporated mime into the study of our acting. We also decided to improvise a little more and it truely helped the kids to express themselves within their character. 

We also decide to extend our productions over a two term structure to allow more time to produce a crisp and fine tuned production. There were two after school productions; “The Misunderstanding” which focused on the early steps of approaching a script and character study, with a focus on punctuation and character development. The other production, a Mockumentary about a morning news show “Good Morning Australia”. a highly charged comedy that allowed the students to really ‘ham’ up their comedic skills and improvisation.

It was such a wonderful semester and I am extremely proud of all my students – to my new students for taking the leap and exploring being in front of the camera and to my team who have just bloomed as young performers.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all next semester.

Laura ‘Lola’ the Director

the misunderstanding  Good wrap