Reel Performers 2015 Film Productions 


5 – 11 YEARS



  • Monday’s – “The Tale of True Colours”
  • Wednesday’s – “Gordon’s Got a Snookie”


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9 – 15 YEARS



  • Tuesday’s “The Odd Disappearance of Harold Hubbard”
  • Friday’s “The Actor’s Reel – Intensive acting for the budding superstars”

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Audition Only



  • Thursday’s “Into the Woods” 

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Pre School Teaching,

Parties & Mentoring


  • Pre School Programs- Please Enquire
  • Mentoring – Private Acting Tuition and Film Writing
  • Parties – Music Video Clips and Short Films

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This is the perfect age to begin with Reel Performers! Any younger and the concentration is there but the span is too shorter. By 5 – 8 children have the stamina and excitable nature to focus on the sessions.

The productions are tailored to early stages of acting in front of the camera, where their skill and confidence is built around enjoyable and easy improvisation and on set learning about making films. They also create friendships and truely begin to shine.

Watch 5 – 8 year old Production 

By this age, kids either want more from their experience and the final result of each production has to have a professional finesse or may still be enjoying the the group they have made friends with. The kids’ performance skills are evolving and comfort in front of the camera is clearly visible So the choice to move to a semester production or stay in a term by term production is a personal choice.

If they wish to enrol in a semester production, they are ready to take more personal risks in playing a character and this is explored in the productions for the age group. The stories created have more scripted language and reference to popular culture, giving the finished product humor and more emotion.


Watch a 9 – 11 years Production

No longer kids, these young adults are beginning to explore drama a school and are watching far more complex film and television outside the class room, and we need to meet this expectation.

The productions designed for this age group have depth and sincerity to them. It’s likely that the students want to explore these emotions and push their own acting ability. We work towards a refined and complex final product in both dramatic and comedy productions. In essence, we are providing a platform of training to take them to what ever they choose to be the next level of their performance. 

Watch a 12 – 15 years Production

Imagine your favourite music star or favourite song…

Now imagine you become them in your very own music video clip! We create personalised birthday parties that run for three hours where you become the star and your friends have cameo roles – dress ups, make up and and have fabulous fun.

At the end we deliver to you a custom designed DVD which includes the video clip and the behind the scenes footage, full of all the funny bloopers. You can also purchase extra copies for your friends and family to enjoy.



Watch a Pop Star Video