We were SHORT LISTED for Trop Fest Jnr 2013!

Where are we heading?

I am excited to premiere the film submission for 

Trop Fest Junior 2013 “Where are we heading?”

Directed by Paige and starring Rubee.

I have mentored Paige and Rubee over the last few months, as they created a short film submission for Trop Fest Junior 2013, which out of 1000+ national and international entries made it to the SHORT LIST!!!!

A massive achievement for all!

Starting with brainstorming session and some references Paige had to her favourite movies, the girls decided on a genre and then we devised the story and we began filming on the weekends. The end result speaks for itself.

I would like to thank Rubee’s mum Kellee and Paige’s mum Kylie for their help and commitment to making this an amazing experience.

A special thanks to our other actors – Annabelle, Marilyn, Manon and Kellee again!

Here is the tag line…. “A teenage girl is on the run, but what is she running from or heading to? Has her past caused her to run from something or someone or is there something she must do to stop the past from haunting her?”

Watch it on our Home page or in Our Films section of the website and feel free to share on face book with this link……. http://vimeo.com/79461061 

Lights Camera Action…

Laura x