DSC09415Age: 13

Roles: Florence, Anna & Detective Inspector Connelly

Productions: Mali & The Machine, Generation Z, The Case of the Prize Winning Canine


Why do you like being a Reel Performer?

Making memories that I can watch over and over again. Its better than photos and fun to watch, remembering where and what you were doing on set.

What do you like most about filming?

I get excited being on set. I feel really comfortable in the environment and can be myself. It’s not daunting, it’s intimate and I don’t feel embarrassed.

What has been your favorite role or production?

Playing Florence, I felt like I was in a real music video clip. I was also with my friends and we all had heaps of fun doing it. Now that I’ve moved from that area to go to high school in the city, it’s an awesome way to remind myself of the friendship I have with them.  

What would be your dream role or production?

A mystery story like Miss Marples or Poirot. Where I could become the detective and help solve the puzzle.

mali Generation Z