Roles: Sophie, Morticia, Mrs. Banks & Mrs. Warren

Productions: Generation Z, The Adams Family,
The Case of the Prize Winning Canine


Why do you like being a Reel Performer?

You want to do it because its fun. It’s not a job or a chore like some other after school stuff. There is something different each time you do a production.

What do you like most about filming?

A few things! It’s fun to make choices about what you are going to do in front of the camera. It doesn’t get boring as you work quickly and that’s exciting. It’s exciting to see others getting excited about being there too and you never feel shy because it’s not like there are heaps of people watching you act. And it’s fun putting on the make-up and choosing the costumes to wear.

What has been your favorite role or production?

Playing Sophie. She was a sensible yet crazy and irresponsible all at the same time. I was excited by the role because I was playing someone who was different to me. It was a good challenge to see how it felt to experience different emotions that people feel in situations as a character and not myself.

What would be your dream role or production?

Elosie from Elosie at the Plaza. She would be amazing to play. Telling a story about a girl who returns to the same day every day, but creates a whole new adventure out of it and makes the most of it!

Gen Z

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